The Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

CATAP membership is open to all professional individuals who work to prevent targeted violence between individuals through means of threat assessment.

Our members include police officers, criminal justice personnel, mental health professionals, educators, and government officials, and those engaged in research on threat assessment best practices.


CATAP members have professional networking opportunities that put them in touch with individuals from across Canada, as well as within our international partner organizations. By combining our knowledge across borders, we become more effective in our goals to reduce violence in our society.

Members also receive:

  • Copies of the Journal of Threat Assessment and Management (JTAM). The JTAM is published by the American Psychological Association and is a forum for scholarly dialogue regarding the most important emerging issues in the field of violence risk assessment.
  • Opportunities to network with members by accessing our complete member database.
  • Discounts to CATAP, AETAP and ATAP Conferences in Canada, Europe and the US.
  • Access to member's only resources, including literature and research and Canadian case studies submitted by our members
Ready to Apply?

We make it simple to apply online.

Membership fees are $100 Canadian and can be paid online through PayPal. Membership does not auto-renew and members are responsible for keeping their account in good standing.

Membership is valid from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

Application Requirements
  • Provide a Background Check or request that a current member sponsor your application.
  • Sign the Society's Confidentiality Agreement against disclosure of CATAP-related information.
  • Accept our Terms of Use when granted access to the Members Only area of the website
Application Process
  1. Sign up with your preferred email (you will receive notifications, correspondence, and membership info to this email address).
  2. Sign the confidentiality agreement and attach the security clearance letter or request a sponsor.
  3. You will receive an email indicating that your membership is pending approval upon receipt and review of the additional membership documents required and payment of your annual membership dues. If you have requested sponorship, the sponsor will be sent a request on your behalf.
  4. Once your payment has been received, documents have been submitted and reviewed by the membership coordinator you will receive an email confirmation of your full member status.
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Personal Information

Please be advised that your name, organization, city, and email address as provided within this application will be published to other CATAP members in our members-only section of You can change the information you share with other members in your account settings at


CATAP requires that all applicants for membership are carefully vetted before acceptance to ensure our member security. You can assist with this process by either submitting a criminal record check, or by requesting that a current member you are familiar with sponsor your application.

The sponsoring member will be alerted by email that you have applied for membership and request his or her sponsorship. Once they have responded to this request, your application will proceed.

Current Employer

Criminal History

Have you been charged and/or convicted of a crime other then a traffic violation?

Have you been subject of a court issued protective order?

Have you ever been the subject of an ethics violation investigation from a professional association or licensing board?

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