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The Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

2018 Halifax Regional Event


This one-day training is split into two halves, the morning session led by Dr. Laura Guy, and the afternoon with SSA Molly Amman.



Professionals in various fields, such as police, mental health, education, and security, must conduct threat assessments as part of their job or as a matter of law. In this workshop, an overview of key conceptual and historical issues in the field of threat assessment will be reviewed, and basic principles and procedural issues in threat assessment and management will be discussed in more depth. Attendees will learn about issues related to conducting interviews, obtaining and reviewing collateral sources of information, using analytic or risk assessment tools, communicating about risk for targeted violence, and managing individuals who are believed to pose a violence risk.



During the afternoon session, SSA Amman will present the audience with a recent case study, featuring investigative actions from initial report through execution of a cohesive threat management strategy. Audience members will be able to hear the case from a joint law enforcement--threat management perspective and apply lessons learned to their own case work and experiences.


About the Presenters:

Dr. Laura Guy

Dr. Laura Guy has worked primarily as a threat assessment professional and forensic clinical psychologist. Her areas of clinical and research expertise focus on assessment and management of violence risk in youth and adults. She is active in consulting, teaching, and training, having worked with mental health, law enforcement, corrections, and legal professionals in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

Laura obtained her PhD in psychology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in forensic psychology with a combined clinical-forensic and research focus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She has Board Certification in Forensic Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology and is licensed to practice psychology in jurisdictions in Canada and the United States. She currently serves as Editor of Journal of Threat Assessment and Management and, is the Vice President of CATAP.


SSA Molly Amman

Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Molly Amman manages two FBI offices in Iowa, the United States, with oversight over a constant stream of threat assessment and management matters. Prior to this assignment, SSA Amman served in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit from 2010 until 2018, focusing largely on threats of violence posed by individuals and groups, threats related to school and workplace attacks, protracted crisis operations, and stalking and communicated threats. SSA Amman served as the BAU’s program manager for threat assessment from 2012 until transitioning to domestic terrorism matters in 2016. SSA Amman has completed several overseas assignments with the FBI, and also serves as an internal legal advisor for the Bureau. SSA Amman is a member of the Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.


MAY 31, 2018 ( 9AM - 5PM)

Registration at 8:30am

Location: St. Mary’s University

Loyola Conference Room 

Rate: $50.00

**Lunch Provided**

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