The Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals


The Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (CATAP) is a non-profit agency formed in 2004 in order to learn and share knowledge about how to protect victims of stalking, harassment and threat situations.

The founders and members include professionals from law enforcement, academia, mental health, and corporate/private security communities skilled in threat assessment and risk management.

Since our inception, CATAP has grown and continues to promote the primary goal of CATAP: to assist its members in the accurate assessment and effective management of violence of stalking, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, workplace violence, child abuse, gang violence, and political terrorism, among others.

CATAP is affiliated with sister organizations around the world, and are proud to work with our international partners on new initiatives that bring value to our member community.


Our Members

CATAP members are professionals across Canada that in their careers encounter situations that constitute a threat to others, whether from intimate partner violence or political terrorism.

Our members may, in their profession, conduct threat assessments, stalking risk assessments and violence risk assessments or contribute to research in these areas. Membership is also open to those providing legal services, mental health care, or security management to individuals who have experienced violence or threats of violence

Within our organization, we bring together passionate individuals committed to improving society through appropriate, effective responses to threats and violence. They are dedicated individuals and we thank them for their service.

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Darren Balsom
Calgary Police Service
Dr. Laura Guy
Vice President
Kimberly Knapik
Business Secretary
Calgary Police Service
Geoff Frisby
LCR Consulting
Keith Hammond
Past President
Vancouver Police Department
Richard Veldhoen
Calgary Police
Dale Myhre
Edmonton Police Service
Lynne Bibeau
Sûreté du Québec
Erin Fuller
Certification Coordinator
Sydney Boothroyd
Director of Research and Communications


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